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Let’s head to the LAUNDRY ROOM.

Nothing beats the aroma of freshly laundered sheets or clothes that smell great when they come out of the dryer.

But did you know most commercial fabric softeners contain synthetic fragrances and toxic chemicals? In fact, these products can be the cause of indoor air pollution and allergies!

One very easy way to lessen your family’s exposure to chemicals is to start using Essential Oils to neutralize odors and freshen the scent of your clothes. Here are a couple of ideas to help get you started.


Instead of liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets, try wool dryer balls. Just place a few drops of Essential Oil on the dryer balls, let the oils soak in, and pop the dryer balls in the dryer with your laundry load. Two or three dryer balls work great for small or medium loads, but you might want four or more balls for large loads.

Using dryer balls can save you money, too, since they are reusable and you only need three to five drops of Essential Oils per ball. You’re also reducing your toxic footprint on the environment by not venting out synthetic chemicals with each and every dryer cycle.

Dryer balls can also help with your dryer’s efficiency. They help separate your clothes while they are spinning, which helps them dry faster and saves you time and energy.


Good News: Your three-year-old was extremely well behaved at his doctor’s appointment and is now sporting a cool dinosaur sticker given to him by the receptionist.

Bad News: That cool dinosaur sticker ends up going unnoticed when you throw things in the washer, and it’s now gone through the dryer, too.

Sticky residue can be a pain, whether it’s from stickers, gum, or something unidentifiable that was in somebody’s pocket. And sometimes you can scrub and scrub and scrub and still not get it out.

Great News: Lemon Essential Oil can help! Just put a few drops on the part of the garment covered with the sticky residue and rub off/wipe away with a wash cloth or paper towel. You won’t even need to break out any elbow grease!

TIP: Always test Essential Oils on an inconspicuous part of a garment first to make sure it won’t ruin the fabric.


What do most commercial stain sticks contain? You guessed it—toxins and synthetic chemicals. But this simple hack will help you avoid them and takes less than a minute to prepare.

Fill a roller bottle halfway with On Guard Protective Blend Laundry Detergent. Then top with water. Shake, apply to tough stains, and let clothes sit for a few minutes before washing.

You’ll probably want a bigger roller bottle than the standard five or ten mL bottles we usually use when applying to our skin. Fortunately, roller bottles come in all kinds of sizes.

If you prefer spray to stick, fill a glass spray bottle with half laundry detergent, half water. Shake and spray. This is especially effective for grease stains.


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